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Statistics show a dramatic increase in CPS activity in Norway.

Svanhild Jensen's case - a judicial murder. Read more

Six years old girl manipulated by psychologist. Read more

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Insensitive Norway. Read more

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Private persons behind CPS decisions. Read more

Child Protection millionaire fired after mixing roles. Later, he worked in the neighbouring municipality. Read more

The child care service in Scandinavia. Read more

Adele Johansen vs. Norway: A mother fighting for her child. Read more

The "users" of the CPS.. Read more

Most children are taken without prior announcement. Read more

How the CPS caused a suicide. Read more

Cases where the CPS does not allow parents touse their maternal language. Read more

Contact between children and parents. Read more

Concerning a textbook for the Norwegian CPS. Read more



The treatment of children in Norwegian CPS institutions and foster homes

Scientific results on the results of removing children from their families

Persons involved


Examples of how the CPS acts

Reports to the CPS